University of Cape Town Australian Trust

ABN 16316957875

The University of Cape Town can now receive tax deductible donations in Australia to support its development and social justice initiatives.The UCT Australian Trust has established a management account with the charity APHEDA – Union Aid Abroad. Donations which require a tax deductible receipt will be passed to APHEDA, who will then forward to the UCT. A 5% administration charge will be retained by APHEDA.

Please indicate on your donation form if you wish to receive a tax deduction for the donation, or contact Ruth Thornton on the details below.

Email :

Phone : 0414224494

Mobile : 0416034971

PO Box 785, Avalon  NSW  2107

Dontation Details

Donations can be made either by cheque to Ruth at the above address, or by direct deposit to the bank account. In both cases, it is essential to provide the donor name, address, donated amount, purpose of the donation, email address, and (ideally) a phone number.

Bank Account Details
Account Name: University of Cape Town Australian Trust Relief Fund
Bank Name: Westpac Bank BSB 032096
Account No: 655031

All information will remain strictly confidential. Funds collected will be transferred in full to UCT, in accordance with the donor’s wishes.