Our Board

Directors of The UCT Australian Trust are UCT alumni with a commitment to the management and promotion of the trust with the aim of raising funds for scholarships and student-led programs that directly impact The University of Cape Town.

Board Members

Lisa Carlin - UCT Australian Trust Chair

Lisa Carlin
Scale up Mentor and Board Advisor, Culture and Transformation

Antony Tolfts

Antony Tolfts
Deputy Chair: Co-lead: Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance
CEO of Blu Horseshoe Digital Capital Raising Platform

Anne Ye
Commercial Finance Manager IPH

Carla Brown

Carla Brown
Director – Lead: Governance Improvement
Business Development Manager, UNSW  

Andsley Dennis
Director – Marketing

Group Business Development Manager at Marlin  

Noel McIntosh

Noel McIntosh
Director – Lead: SHAWCO
Health & Branding
Member of UCT Chancellor’s Circle

David Cattell

David Cattell
Co-Lead: Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance
Founder & CEO at Auticus  

Robert Milne
Director – Lead: Workplace Giving

Founder and CEO Lifeguard Home Loans  

Paul Pirie
Director – Co-Lead: SHAWCO Educati

Jenny Joseph
– Digital & Communications

CEO – Hotazel Marketing


Lenore Plummer
Company Secretary

The UCT Australian Trust  

Ruth Thornton
Trust Manager

The UCT Australian Trust  

The Australian office organises alumni events in all the main centres of Australia where there is interest and a critical mass.  The regional office is available to assist regions with arranging events that will have relevance to UCT or its alumni. Feel free to contact Ruth Thornton, Alumni Manager directly.

Email : info@ucttrust.org.au