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Ruth Thornton
UCT Alumni Manager 0414224494

Lenore Plummer
CEO UCT Australian Trust 0416034971

We wish to establish an extensive Australian database of Australian resident UCT alumni, and supporters of UCT. This will enable us to contact members efficiently when organising events in various regions. A member need not be a UCT graduate, but will share the objectives of providing financial assistance to impoverished students to attend the University of Cape Town.

Update your contact details on the University of Cape town’s alumni data base at

Membership to the UCT Australian trust is free.

An extensive database of members will also aid the UCT Australian Trust’s application to AusAID, as we must be able to demonstrate widespread support from the Australian public.

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Year completed UCT,
Degree obtained (if applicable)
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Benefits of UCT Australian Trust Membership

  • Invitation to UCT alumni events
  • Network with like minded alumni and supporters
  • Stay up to date with development at UCT