As SHAWCO is celebrating its 80th birthday soon, the focus of our 2022 appeal is on this worthy cause. If you prefer to support your past favourite causes, we encourage you to continue to support these causes.

When times are hard, students need our help to provide health services to poor communities in greater Cape Town. By giving to SHAWCO Health, you can help 10,000 people access health services for life threatening and chronic illnesses. Give to SHAWCO Health by 30 June, so our talented student leaders can continue to help others thrive.

SHAWCO will celebrate its 80th anniversary next year. SHAWCO was started by a student leader and, to this day, is still student-led. In fact, SHAWCO is the largest student-led volunteer organisation in Africa!

Our student leaders run SHAWCO health clinics in 9 underserved Cape Town communities. They provide health services in places like Gugulethu and Khayelitsha to communities that desperately need them. These services include a Woman’s Health Clinic and a special needs clinic to assesses children with complex educational and health needs. In South Africa, this type of wrap around service is rare!

For SHAWCO services to continue, we need to:

  • Provide basic medical treatment like screening for common health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • Provide much needed tests like pap smears.
  • Pay stipends to Community Health Workers and dispensing nurses.
  • Cover costs like fuel, medical waste removal, security, electricity and Personal Protective Equipment to keep our student leaders safe.


A little goes a long way

SHAWCO has been providing student-led quality health care in adversity for almost 80 years. SHAWCO was started by a student leader and, to this day, is still student-led. In fact, it’s the largest student-led volunteer organisation in Africa! Please consider supporting our student leadership for the next 80 years. By making a donation today, you can help impact 10,000 Lives for the better.

 $100 – Sponsor a Patient

Under the supervision of a doctor, it costs $100 per person to provide a medical consultation by a skilled UCT medical student, including medicines and specialist testing. 

A $1,000 donation can make a positive impact on 10 lives

 $2,500 – Sponsor a Clinic for a Day

Sponsor a Clinic for a day

A donation of $2,500 will cover the cost of running a clinic for an entire day at one site in an underserved community. This covers all expenses including medicines, specialist testing and staffing. 

A $5,000 donation will positively impact 50 lives.

 $12,500 – Sponsors 5 clinics

$12,500 will help SHAWCO provide health services to 125 patients across 5 clinics.

A donation of $37,500 will provide health services year to 375 patients in places like Khayelitsha or Philippi.



The past few years have been tough for the world, South Africa and the University of Cape Town. UCT has once again shown our resilience. Despite the challenges, we continue to excel. This year, we tied with Princeton University at #55 on the Most International Universities Ranking. 

Our students come from South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world to study because of our proven excellence. This is recognised in our employability ranking. UCT was ranked in the world’s Top 100 for employability on the 2022 QS University Ranking. 

Why do we consistently rank so highly globally?

There are many reasons, but one is the unique leadership we instil in our students. We ask you to help us by supporting our student leaders to continue making a positive impact in our underserved local communities.

Donations can be made with your credit/debit card here:

Processing Fees: Thank you in advance for your generous donation. If you do not wish to add a little extra to help cover fees, please remove the “Cover platform fee” Option at the payment stage.


Direct deposit (EFT) to the following bank account.
Account Name: University of Cape Town Australian Trust Relief Fund
Bank Name: Westpac Bank SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S
BSB 032096
Account No: 655031

When donating by direct deposit, please forward the following details via email to: info@ucttrust.org.au
Subject: 10,000 LivesMatter,
Donor Details: Name, Address, Donated amount, Email address and a Phone number.

Click here to download the UCT Australian Trust 2022 Appeal Pledge Form.

For more information or to find out how you can participate as a UCT Alumni:

Email: info@ucttrust.org.au
Phone: 0414224494
PO Box 785, Avalon NSW  2107

Funds collected will be transferred in full to UCT, in accordance with the donor’s wishes. All information will remain strictly confidential