UCT Alumni and friends, raising funds for education and student-led programs

The University of Cape Town Australian Trust, ABN 16316957875, is a charitable foundation established by alumni and supporters of the UCT, in Australia and New Zealand, to provide financial support to a range of development and social justice programs managed by the UCT. Projects selected by the Australian Trust focus on education, health and human rights, and aims to assist disadvantaged South African communities  to rise above poverty.

The UCT Australian Trust board of directors meets in Sydney, but we aim to eventually establish chapters  in other states.

The University of Cape Town Australian Trust is an Australian charity established to heighten the profile of the UCT ‘s development projects, and encourage alumni to network and to give back to their nation of origin. It is endorsed with tax deductible status.

Mission Statement

The trust  is a charitable foundation formed to support a number of UCT’ social justice programs including the Nelson Mandela School of Governance, Schools Development Unit (Education), Education Development Unit (Commerce), the Drug Discovery Unit (Chemistry),the Peri-Natal Mental Health Unit  (Health Sciences) and SHAWCO.

The Trust also supports financially disadvantaged South African students to attend UCT, including assistance to live on campus. It aims to empower bright and talented youth to rise above poverty to earn a degree. All projects aim to assist disadvantaged communities, and South Africa as a whole, in pursuit of the nation’s social and educational goals

Cape Town Foundation Pty Ltd

is the trustee of the UCT Australian Trust. Directors of the company are UCT alumni with a commitment to the management and promotion of the trust.