About Us

Australian UCT Alumni

The University of Cape Town, Regional Office: Australia, is one of four international offices, set up to maintain relations with alumni worldwide by –

  • Organising networking opportunities that foster professional and social contacts amongst alumni of UCT;
  • Promoting the University of Cape Town’s social justice and development programs
  • Providing a conduit for Australian donations to UCT

The Australian office organises alumni events in all the main centres of Australia where there is interest and a critical mass.  The regional office is available to assist regions with arranging events that will have relevance to UCT or its alumni. Feel free to contact Ruth Thornton, Alumni Manager directly.

Email : info@ucttrust.org.au

Mobile: 0414224494

Australian Alumni participation:

  • Stay in touch with fellow alumni who shared the UCT experience;
  • Access stimulating lectures and presentations by speakers on South African topics of interest;
  • Attend informal alumni social events;
  • Stay abreast of UCT developments on the global front;
  • Maintain an active affiliation to your alma mater and its respected international reputation;
  • Make use of business networking opportunities.

University of Cape Town Australian Trust

The trust has been established to receive donations to support social justice and development programs managed by the UCT. Lenore Plummer manages the annual process of accounts, reposts, audit and AGM.

Please contact Lenore directly on 0416034971, or info@ucttrust.org.au.

ACN 129 769 740
Postal Address – PO Box 785 Avalon  NSW 2107